stand up to stalking


Orndee Omnimedia is a proud sponsor of the Stand Up To Stalking & Bullying Initiative.

While much more is needed, the majority of the media focuses on the stalking, bullying and harassment of children and teens. However, studies show that between 30% and 40% of adults suffer at the hands of abusers.


Stalking and bullying can have long lasting, adverse effects on a professional's economic, emotional and career success and health. Sadly, despite the prevalence in our society, most victims are too afraid or embarrassed to take action. Those that do try to act are often faced with antiquated laws, uninformed authorities, and the recommendation to just "ignore it and it will go away." Unfortunately, silence simply emboldens the abuser.


Whether you are being stalked or bullied by an ex-partner or friend, a co-worker or boss, a disgruntled employee or customer, or a complete stranger, we can help. At Orndee we provide reputation management plans, media outreach, and both business and personal crisis management initiatives. We can also provide strategic partner introductions to lawyers and authorities well versed in stalking and bullying.


You can also find more information about protecting yourself and your business from stalking and bullying at