- pitch publishing -
re branding of previously published work
initial branding & creation of pitch publishing run
media blitz marketing & target analysis
brand packaging & media introduction
artist representation & brand integration
- author relations -
author representation
manuscript analysis & professional reviews
content assistance, editing & cover graphics
agent & acquisitions editor introductions
self publishing options & analysis
- independent publisher relations -
agency branding & promotion
author acquisition & analysis
title & author marketing
industry & global distribution liaison
strategic partnerships & licensing
- specialist publishing -
academic publishing
instructional or corporate manual creation 
technical publishing
speaker tie-in publications
cookbook & photographic book publication
- dailies, magazine, & internet publications -
author resume, clips, & packaging
article distribution
syndication representation
guest blogging opportunities
strategic publication mapping
Orndee works with both novice and experienced authors, as well as with independent and niche publishers to create and develop engaging brands that reach consumers and result in readership.
Whether through agent and acquisitions editor introductions, independent publisher matching, or self publishing programs, we can package works, develop success strategies, and create media showcases and social media campaigns that will appeal to industry buyers and readers alike.  We also provide ghost writing and co-author opportunities for professionals interested in expanding their reputation and market share.
- expert & reputation publishing -
publishing as a reputation tool analysis 
writing team creation
ghosting writing & co-writing relationships
publishing options & introductions
speaking event & media introductions