authors & independant publishers


The Print-on-Demand business model and an author's ability to sell their works directly to the public, without the assistance of the "Big Six" publishing houses has democratized reader's access to the written word.

But it has also made it difficult for readers to sift through the thousands of titles available to find the gems.

As bibliophiles, promoting authors and independent publishing houses is a natural fit. Helping them to create a buzz, garner media attention, and ultimately find readers is a privilege, a passion, and a challenge to which Orndee rises.

At Orndee, we work with independent publishing firms and self-published authors to develop a brand, create buzz, engage readers, attract the attention of mainstream publishers or film/documentary producers through pitch publishing, attract media attention, and build a successful business with longevity.  We also help authors to package their work to appeal to a traditional publisher, if that is their goal.