What is Content and Why Isn't Mine Working?

     Jade sent, “My agent suggests that I find a publicist and a pr firm. Aren’t those all the same things?
                        Doesn’t the pr firm get me publicity?”  
That’s a great question Jade. Lots of people use the term PR (public relations) interchangeably with publicity, but the two are actually quite different. 
Publicity is essentially media attention that affects your reputation and the public’s view of you as a person, brand, or business. That means that publicity can be positive or negative and the reputation of a brand can change in an instant.....more

     "Dear Alex, My ex made pictures in photoshop using my face and porn star bodies and then posted them on social media, on web sites and emailed them to co-workers. I am beyond mortified. I can’t get the pictures down, people at work now think that I am doing porn on the side and I am afraid that I will lose my job. I know that it isn’t crisis management like for a big company, but can you tell me what to do? ---Kerrie "
Kerrie, I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to you. I know that it is little consolation, but this type of crime happens to roughly 1 in 6 women in America. Many of my clients (men and women) have faced similar problems, ex’s or disgruntled employees or customers or complete strangers photoshopping their victims into porn or other pictures, into newspaper headlines, into criminal or medical records. Posting threats or intimidation. Writing fake negative reviews. Or just creating web sites or blogs designed to harass, embarrass, and intimidate.
I myself became a victim in 2003 and was hunted (that really is the only word) by a mentally unbalanced former client of a small .... .more

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Publicity vs Public Relations: What's the Difference?

     "Alex, I have been writing a lot of blog posts and twitter comments, but I don’t seem to be  getting any traction. You say that content is king, so why isn’t my content helping my business?"


Thanks for the question. Before I explain why some content works and other content doesn’t, I think that it makes sense to define content. Content is essentially the narrative or story that is used to connect you or your brand with potential consumers. Media, (in all its forms) is the mechanism used to deliver that narrative to people. So, in order to be effective you need to have content that inspires the media to promote it so that consumers can find and connect with you.......more 


Alex, I have a serious problem. I am a freelance graphic artist. After doing a ton of work for a client, they now refuse to pay. At first they just avoided me. But now they are telling me that they changed their minds, don’t want to work with me, and won’t pay their bill! I can’t afford to work and not get paid. Any advice? Diane

Hi Diane, I feel for you. I think most businesses have had to deal with this sort of thing. I have only had two situations in the past eight years where a client didn’t pay their bill. In one instance, the client went under and closed their business. In the other, despite having a contract, the client simply stopped communications. No matter what the reason, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the economic fluctuations and the whims of clients and customers......more

What to Do When a Client Won't Pay

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