Today, in addition to entertainers, politicians, and other provocative personalities, Orndee has expanded to develop, represent, and promote artists, film makers, fashion brands, authors, indie publishing houses, interactive gaming firms, architects, luxury real estate developers, "green" professionals, and interesting micro-businesses.

Alexandrea Merrell developed a reputation as a plain speaking, straight shooting strategist focused on developing promotional and crisis management campaigns for all sorts of provocative (sometimes infamous) personalities. As demand for her no-nonsense style grew, she decided to launch a full service agency specializing in the unique needs of those who required a branding "do over" or course correction.

Since launching Orndee, Alex has continued to provide discreet guidance to personalities and brands in transition, helping relaunch stagnant careers and extend market reach to an ever expanding stable of artists, personalities, and brands at every stage in their career. 

Alex is a vocal advocate for a greener and healthier New York City. A devoted philanthropist, Alexandrea supports a wide variety of cultural, community, and reform initiatives and is the founder of Art of the Brave, a free resource focused on providing art spaces and art therapy for military and public service veteran artists and Stand Up To Stalking, an anti-stalking and bullying initiative.

In addition to being a prolific writer and speaker on branding and marketing, healthy buildings, sustainable lifestyles, and community engagement, Alexandrea is a LEED GA, holds a Masters Degree in Film & Television Project Development, and attended law school in the United Kingdom. She lives in New York City with three sons, two axolotl (Edgar and Edwin), and one Chinese Crested named Delilah. 

Oh and the name?...
Orndee is short for Ornithorhynchus Anatinus, the Latin name for a platypus. In first grade, Alex's class had to select an animal and give a presentation in front of all the students and parents. Fascinated by the rather bizarre creature, she selected the platypus. 

Unable to pronounce the Latin, she called the animal "Orndee-rink-us" much to the amusement of her family of intellectuals,
who took to calling her "Orndee." The name stuck. 
Established in 2009 as a transitional strategy firm, Orndee helped established personalities and politicians discreetly revitalize and extend flagging or crisis plagued careers, reengage with the public, and extend their brand into new markets.